Kung Fu

Kung Fu (translated skill from effort) is a Chinese martial art combining soft and hard movements. It develops flexibility, coordination, strength and speed.

Offensive and defensive movements are straight, but curve in all different directions and degrees, using more circles than angles. This is effective at close range or from a distance.

Chin Na is a Chinese term describing joint manipulation techniques for self defense. Very often using acupressure points to enhance the efficiency of the defense movement.

Chin means to seize or trap, Na means to lock or break.

Many Kung Fu movements are inspired from animals and nature. Some examples are Hobart (tiger form), Doksa (snake form), Do Doe Gee (burrowing animal), Tong Non (ocean form) and Koopo (mist from a water fall).

Some of the benefits are increased overall flexibility, strength, timing, speed and coordination.

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