About Us

Our Instructors have over 20 years of martial arts training and teaching experience.
We have been located and teaching in Arlington Heights since 1993.

Classes Offered:

Traditional Martial Arts Training

Adult classes 16 years and older
Children's classes 3-7 years old and 8-15 years old

Students develop through form and drill training; traditional weapons training; and practical self defense applications.
Physically students develop speed, power, flexibility and coordination. Mentally they develop respect, confidence, patience and determination.

Tai Chi

Classes are offered for all ages

Tai chi is a form of Chinese exercise which is especially beneficial for older adults and those with physical limitations.
It incorporates Qigong breathing exercises, low impact tai chi forms and stretching. It's practice improves balance and coordination; reduces stress and tension; improves health; and increases energy and longevity.

Special Lessons:

Outdoor Weapons Practice

Training with weapons increases strength and flexibility. It improves reflexes, coordination and timing while increasing focus and concentration. Some of the weapons taught are Jong Bong (staff), Tong Bong (short staff), Sam Pio Chung (Sai), Kom (Chinese broad sword), Komdo (Korean-Japanese sword), Chung Sul (spear), Doe (Chinese double edged sword) and Pu Chay (Chinese fan).

Beach Lessons

Martial arts forms, weapons and self defense is practiced at the beach. Practicing on the sand increases balance and coordination.

Women's Fitness Self Defense Class

We incorporate calisthenics, stretching, martial arts drills and other exercises to develop flexibility, timing, balance, coordination, strength and endurance. We teach easy to learn effective street usable self defense techniques.

Pool Lessons

Martial arts movements and drills practiced in the swimming pool to improve flexibility and balance; to increase speed and strength using the water for resistance.